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1 Paradise Cave at Phong Nha

Phong Nha - Paradise Cave

Dive into a foreign world

Vietnam is known for great food, chaotic traffic, friendly people, but also for the many caves scattered throughout the country. And in Phong Nha, a small town right in the ❤️ of the country Vietnams, you will probably find the highest density of caves ever. The choice is colourful and makes the decision which cave to visit first not easy. On my Vietnam trip I decided after a long consideration for the Paradise Cave, the most famous among its kind.

Phong Nha has several options for beginners and for advanced ones. I even read about a newly discovered cave, which is only available for a strictly limited number of visitors and with a few thousand dollars 💰 entrance fee is probably one of the most expensive caves to visit.

And so my adventure into the uncertainty began. In my life I have visited one or two caves. I can still remember Cat Ba Island and the Hospital Cave very well. And none of them deserves the name Cave. But I came to this insight only after my visit at Paradise Cave. ☝️ And I can tell you in advance, it was an unforgettable day.

All facts at a glance

Admission fee: 250.000 VND (about 9,70 €).
Parking: 5.000 VND (about 0,19 €).
Two-Way Buggy Ticket: 100.000 VND (about 3,88 €).
Opening hours in summer: 07:00 to 16:30.
Opening hours in winter: 07:30 to 16:00.
Recommended length of stay: 4 hours.

One should not make false economies

The entrance fee seemed to me at first quite expensive. And so I deliberately decided not to get an additional two-way buggy ticket. I quickly regretted this decision. 🤦 After half an hour of walking I finally arrived at the place where all the visitors were dropped off who had decided to buy a buggy. You could call them sluggish or even smart, I leave that decision to you. 🤷

But the pleasure of finally arriving did not last long. From this point I still had to make a climb up to the very top, where the actual entrance to the cave is. Today I can’t say exactly how far and how many meters of altitude I had to climb. 🧐 It felt like half a marathon. 

Tired but happy.
Tired but happy.

Finally arrived at the top I was a little bit surprised about the rather unimpressive entrance. It is actually only a small hole and a simple staircase where visitors can go in and out. From here I could not even guess what was waiting for me inside the rock.

That' s how impressive Paradise Cave is.
That’ s how impressive Paradise Cave is.


Once dipped into Paradise Cave, you quickly feel like you have arrived in a strange world. 🤖 My eyes did not really know where to look first. My camera didn’t know when it would finally get a short break. And my feet didn’t know when the end of the cave was finally achieved either.

I have never seen anything so impressive in my life. 🤩 The size is unimaginable and cannot be described in words. The stalactites that have been formed over centuries, if not millennia, are bursting with strength and self-confidence. At every corner another highlight. Here inside the Caves all stresses and strains are forgotten. The somewhat high entrance fee, the 30 minute march and also the ascent up to the entrance. Everything is forgotten.

QUOTE: Only few visitors are patient enough to make it to the last corners of Paradise Caves. This makes it so quiet in some places that you can even hear the drops of water dripping on the rocks.


After a good two hours of wandering around and being astonished, I also found the way out. This day has been an unforgettable experience for me. I have even become a little fan of Caves now and will put them on my todo list on my travels. And the Paradise Cave belongs since then to the real must-have in Vietnam.

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