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The Abandoned Water Park – The little adventure in Hue

vietnam - hue - abandoned waterpark


The abandoned water park on Thuy Tien Lake is just 8 km south of the ancient city of Hue and was built in 2004 for just $30 million. But somehow this project was never completed. Since then he is left to himself and the time and reminds today of a backdrop for a mystic movie or a horror story from a thriller.


Opening Hours: The park is closed, no official opening hours.
Admission Charge: The same applies to the entrance fee.
Recommended Stay: 4 Hours.
Best Time: The best pictures can be taken early in the morning or at the golden hour.
What is important to note: I could not figure out how legal or illegal the visit to the park is. So a hint from me: Only at your own risk.


Like many others before me, I drove calmly with the bike to the official entrance and found some security people there. In sign language they have made it clear to me  (unfortunately I can not understand Vietnamese) that the passage is not allowed here.

Slightly discouraged but still striving to achieve my goal, I searched the surrounding area a little more closely. After all, with such a large area as the park claims, it must also provide an alternative entrance. Thanks to Google and modern cartography I finally found it.

My recommendation to you, ride with a scooter up to this point. Leave the scooter there and set off on foot.

Just follow the path to the Nunnery. This path leads you directly through the monastery, past the fields and small huts, to the back entrance of the park. At some time, you will discover the dragon far away, and with each step you will come closer and closer to it.

vietnam - hue - abandoned waterpark

At the destination you will find a locked gate and a fence. But do not worry, do not be discouraged. The fence is not a big obstacle and can be easily overcome. That which is behind the fence is simply too beautiful to reverse now.

vietnam - hue - abandoned waterpark

For the way back I recommend an alternative route. You can follow the wide road that leads from the dragon towards the official entrance. Arrived at this the Securities are no longer chasing you and you will quickly arrive at the starting point. There, your scooter is still waiting for you.

I can promise you one thing. When you enter the park, you will be amazed. The terrain is large and felt infinitely far. I was there early in the morning and had the whole park just for myself. Later, the first tourists arrived, mostly together with a guide.

vietnam - hue - abandoned waterpark

The dragon is the big highlight. Hard to imagine that someone build something like this and then do not use it. On the other hand, the entire complex would not have that charm if it were full of people. It even has some sense of post-apocalyptic times.

And just for these reasons, this water park and, above all, the dragon are a small attraction here in Hue. And yes, maybe even throughout Vietnam.


Apart from the fact that my search for the right path to the park was already a little adventure, the visit itself was a lot bigger one. I have fulfilled me a small wish and I am really glad that I have not reversed at the entrance and also later on the fence and always pursued my goal.


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