Landmark of California
The popular flag in white-red with the bear as a sign of strength and unbending.

34°58’44.0″N 120°26’01.8″W

The Vastness
Where the highway ends behind the horizon, the freedom begins.

35°24’59.1″N 117°40’05.7″W

Sunset in Yosemitte
This sunset makes the efforts of the day seem negligible.

37°40’25.1″N 119°42’01.8″W

San Francisco Bay
Just in time for the sunrise and a small photo session.

37°48’19.4″N 122°27’52.0″W

Hollywood Sign
Everyone knows the famous letters of the dream factory.

34°07’48.8″N 118°19’08.4″W

Morro Rock Bay
Paradise view. This snapshot was the surprise of the day.

35°22’05.8″N 120°52’10.4″W

Golden Gate Bridge
The days in San Francisco are often foggy. But exactly this fog enhances this photo.

37°49’39.6″N 122°28’52.6″W