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Kuala Lumpur – Discover the Capital

Petronas Twin Towers

I could not imagine anything about Malaysia and Kuala Lumpur. I have expected noise, dirt, smog and quite a few people with motorbikes. I did not find any of it.

It has figured out that it is not crowded with people and with bikes here. It is clean and absolutely quiet everywhere, considering for being in a metropolis. Everywhere buildings and skyscrapers show off, everything is so new and so modern.

And the fact that you find yourself in an Islamic country, you realize at the latest when the sun rises and the muezzin calls the Muslims to pray.

You made it, Kuala Lumpur, you have surprised me. You put me under your spell. And I will definitely come back.

The Metropolis

Kuala Lumpur is the capital of Malaysia and with its approximately 2 million inhabitants quite pleasant for a metropolis. The entire inner city area is very clean and very quiet, that you can easily spend a weekend for relaxing.

Sultan Abdul Samad Building

The city and above all the country is multicultural and you will recognize it from the beginning. Everywhere on almost every corner there is a mosque, a temple and yes, even a church has come across my way. The division of religions amounts to Muslims 46%, Buddhists 35%, Hindus 8%, Christians 5% and many more. Nevertheless, the state religion is the Islam and he makes himself noticeable on the basis of interesting prohibition signs, which point out that wild kissing on the streets is not welcome.

The city is in my opinion very cosmopolitan and it should remain so. The second official language is English, and almost every Malaysian masters it, more or less. This makes communication with the locals very convenient and you can easily move around the city.

We are looking at Kuala Lumpur

Most sightseeing are compressed to the inner city area and are reachable within easy walking distance. Taxi and Grab are quickly a minor matter and by taking such many steps you also do something good for your health..


KLIA Express

Most of you will arrive by plane at Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) and then quickly wonder that the city itself is still about 50 km away. But no need to worry. Just take the KLIA Express for 55 MYR per person and this will take you to the central station in just 30 minutes. The journey itself passes by in flight. This is ensured by the beautiful view from the window and the free WiFi in the whole train. The schedule is set up in short intervals. Rarely I have been transported so relaxed from the airport directly into the city. The money was definitely worth it and next time I will do it same again.


Kuala Lumpur also offers Grab service. Uber has withdrawn as a brand from Southeast Asia and leaves the field to its competitors. The prices are quite cheap. A short drive over 6 km cost me about 8 MYR.


Otherwise you still have the taxis. These are a bit more expensive than Grab, but still unbeatable low. Be careful when driving a taxi. The drivers wanted me to agree to a flat rate, which is more than 2 times expensive, compared with a similar Grab ride.

SIM Card

After the KLIA Express has brought you to the main station, you can finally buy the long-awaited and meanwhile essential SIM card. I decided for the cheapest option of Tune Talk and paid about 29 MYR for 2GB, which is absolutely sufficient for just one weekend. If your stay should take a little longer, then you can choose the next larger variant with 6GB and 30 days validity for about 45 MYR.


Petronas Twin Towers

Since 1999, the Petronas Twin Towers are the absolute landmark of the city. And I notice that myself when I search for Kuala Lumpur on Instagram. The search result is dominated by the twin towers, which in all likelihood have been modeled after the former WTC in New York.

Petronas Twin Towers

The architecture of the Petronas Towers is impressive. This is based on the traditional polygonal structures of the mosque and mixes with the modern age of glass, aluminum and steel. The facade is predominantly made of glass and stainless steel and gives the building a shine, both at day and at night. Exactly this effect makes the building look so surreal, as if someone has animated it into my eye with a computer.


The park is the direct neighbor of the Petronas Towers and thus can not be missed. Here, people meet to relax and linger.

KLLC Park overlooking the skyline

Especially after sunset you have to visit the park. Bring some time with you. Arrived at the park then you do not do anything, just be there and let the moment act on you. The place is just magical, very quiet and with an incredible panorama. Here you can watch the beautiful water games, read a book, or take some pictures of the towers.

KL Forest ECO Park

The opinions on the Internet about the ECOPark are scattered. Some find him stupid and not worth the visit, the others are enthusiastic. And so I had to make my own picture.

Green oasis in the middle of the metropolis

Arrived I was definitely surprised. Trees and plants dominate the picture. Everywhere it is green, the skyscrapers are only visible through dense foliage and so quiet here that you forget to be in a big city. The entire area is equipped with suspension bridges, making it a relaxed hike through the park.

Suspension bridges serve as a path

And may I tell you what is also beautiful thing about this park. This is completely freely accessible. Yes, that’s right, no admission fee. Please keep this in mind when you leave a review somewhere in the Internet next time.

Sri Mahamariamman Temple

The Sri Mahamariamman Temple is the oldest functioning Hindu temple in Malaysia. Built in the South Indian Dravidian style, it is characterized by the impressive 5-layered tower. I have never seen this impressive architecture and this love of detail of the sculptor.

So fascinating is the temple

Entry to the temple is free. You just have to take off your shoes and leave them in front of the entrance. And then you can easily move in the temple, watch the Hindus at their ceremonies, and inhale a touch of Hindu spirit.

Heli Lounge Bar

If you want the best views of the entire city, you do not have to climb onto a skydeck to catch a glimpse of dirty and scratched windows. I recommend you to go to the Heli Lounge Bar and spend the evening there.

Panorama at the Heli Port

This area is a conventional heliport during the day and is turned into a bar in the evening. From here you have an open 360° panoramic view of the entire city. No windows, no scaffolding, just pure freedom paired with a fresh breeze. Up here, the Petronas Towers are close enough to touch. And best of all, entering this wonderful world is free, you just have to buy a drink.

Alor Street Food Night Market

I have read a lot about this famous street and their food offer. The only criticisms were voiced about the relatively high price. And then, arrived on site, I was totally disappointed.

The street was really overcrowded. I had this feeling that every tourist from Kuala Lumpur had been here that evening. Every 5 meters there was an employee of the respective restaurant and started to follow me to introduce me to the daily offers in only 5 seconds. Like a interceptor trying to keep the stray propeller machine from moving further. But that’s just my opinion, of course. Definitely not the right thing for me.

Otherwise, the offer is so huge and varied that you do not know where you want to sit down. However, the focus is clearly on seafood. And who the crowd and the noise do not mind, should definitely drop by here. And by the way, the prices are OK for Kuala Lumpur.

Eat & Drink

The Rabbit Hole

Right in the center of the whole action, just a bit out of the way and thus a bit quieter than the competition, there is the Rabbit Hole. Unimpressive on the outside, but absolutely idyllic and beautiful on the inside. Tapas, burgers and pizza are paired with an Asian touch. The service is friendly and the prices are OK.

Google Maps

The Rum Bar

Also in the middle of the tourist area is The Rum Bar. Here you will find a huge selection of various rum and whiskey brands, but above all lot of cigars. I was totally surprised and after a long time finally bought me an H. Upmann Petit Corona, John F. Kennedy’s favorite cigar.

Google Maps

Just Fruits Neighborhood Market

Just Fruits is a brand in Malaysia and has opened 6 stores in and around Kuala Lumpur. The company stands for fresh and healthy food, the Organic trend is present everywhere. Corner Shop feeling with wooden shelves, instead of supermarket atmosphere. Here you will find a wide selection of organic products, fresh fruits and vegetables. Or you simply try a freshly made smoothie.

Google Maps


The bingo box is a new trend that is slowly conquering the world. Unmanned supermarkets and vending machines.

The concept is simple. You install the Bingo Box App and get access to the mini-supermarket. Self-service is the new magic word. Each product is equipped with an RFID chip and can be conveniently scanned and paid at the cashier mashine. The offer is similar to a simple kiosk, but for small purchases in the middle of the night, when everything else has closed, the box is often the only choice.

Google Maps

Hotel Recommendations

Low Budget

5 STAR & LUXURY Apartment*
Stay in the heart of Kuala Lumpur with a top location near the Petronas Twin Towers.

Sky Society*
The Sky Society is a luxurious hostel with rooftop infinity pool and best panoramic view.

Have Fun

The Mews Luxury*
Why not book an entire apartment. This one is located in the best location and offers enough space 4 people.

Element Kuala Lumpur by Westin*
It is the highest environmentally friendly hotel in Malaysia and convinces with the facilities and the absolute best location.


I wanted to take a short break to escape the daily stress of Ho Chi Minh City. My tour options are Bangkok, Phnom Penh, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. And I am really happy that I have chosen this trip.

The surprise of the year par excellence. The city is very good for a short break or for a week of pure relaxation. I will definitely come back and bring a little more time with me. Maybe the next work-and-travel adventure will take place in Malaysia.

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