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The Hue Citadel – The Forbidden City

vietnam - hue - imperial city


The citadel is one of the absolute landmarks of Hue and every year attracts numerous visitors to the idyllic town. It was built at the beginning of the 18th century, using as its model the Forbidden City of the Chinese Ming Dynasty. Today, the place belongs to the UNESCO World Heritage.


Opening Hours: Mo – Fr 08:00 bis 17:30. Th 08:00 bis 22:00.
Admission Charge: 200.000 VND (7,66€).
Recommended Stay: 4 Hours.
Best Time: Early in the morning.


Hue is popularly called The Imperial City or The Royal City and was recommended to me by almost every local here in Vietnam. Of course, the main reason for the recommendation is the Forbidden City, which should be so impressive that it have to be on every Vietnam bucket list. And so my expectations were already high before the trip started. And I have to say, I was not disappointed.

vietnam - hue - imperial city

Already the Wikipedia article points to a 10km long wall, which surrounds the area. But how big that actually is, one can not really imagine. The terrain is such as huge, you should bring enough time if you want to see almost everything. Once immersed in the world of many palaces and pavilions, you quickly forget everything around you.

vietnam - hue - imperial city

I must confess, I love this Asian architecture with the decorations on the ridge and the curved roof edges. And here in The Imperial City you can see more than enough of it. The individual buildings bear beautiful and imaginative names, such as the Royal Palace, which is also called the Great Inner, or the Pavilion of Edicts, from where the decrees of the Emperor were officially announced.

During the American War almost the entire area was bombed. The traces of the cruel act can still be seen today. In one place or another you can still find ruins. They just wait until one help them to their old and beautiful glory. Although many of the numerous buildings have been built and restored with great attention to detail, the end is still not tangible.

vietnam - hue - imperial city


For lovers of the ancient Asian dynasty an absolute must see. The architecture with its many details and the silence fascinate me so in this place. On my next Hue visit I will come back.


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